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The Wall

PHOTON Consulting The Wall

The first solar power decision support tool of its kind, The Wall provides access to an unprecedented amount of research and analysis on the solar energy sector in one centralized location. Originally developed as an internal tool for PHOTON Consulting researchers, The Wall contains historical and 5-year forward projections regarding price, volume, revenue, cost and demand for c-Si and thin film technologies.  The web accessible platform showcases the research and analysis of over 1,500+ screened companies, 700+ modeled companies and more than 60 analyzed markets in thousands of easy to read graphs.  The wealth of data on private, public and multidivisional companies is updated on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  Annual subscribers have the ability to access and search the data at any time, allowing immediate and informed decisions about the solar energy sector. With the ability to export The Wall data into Excel, annual subscribers can easily search and interact with the data to uniquely indentify their needs.

The Wall helps build smarter solar energy decisions

By putting the greatest breadth and depth of solar energy information at your fingertips, The Wall informs business decisions.

  • Accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Updated regularly
  • Searchable by keyword, company, title and content
  • Ability to export data into Microsoft Office Excel

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