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The True Cost of Solar Power

The Pressure's On

PHOTON Consulting’s flagship report The True Cost of Solar Power 2011: The Pressure’s On is the definitive resource for understanding PV sector cost at each step of the supply chain. This report presents in-depth cost data, trends, analysis and forecasts from polysilicon through project development to provide solar executives, investors, and industry participants with cutting edge market intelligence. 

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Chris Bolman | Valerie Coffey | Bin Fu | Joonki Song | Rob Trangucci | Greg Zuboff


  • Full of detailed cost data across the solar supply chain to help solar decision-makers enhance their internal competitive analysis and assessment capabilities, optimize their procurement strategies and benchmarks and set accurate, actionable operational targets
  • Identifies key solar industry themes, trends and approaches for $/W and $/kWh cost reduction
  • Identifies industry cost leaders and best practice cost levels at each step of the solar value chain
  • Contains thorough, objective and actionable solar market insights from the industry’s most experienced, dedicated solar cost analyst team, led by senior consultant Joonki Song and supply chain cost analyst Bin Fu

Source: PHOTON Consulting, LLC. Note: All data are rough estimates.

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