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Storage Annual 2012

More in Store

This inaugural edition of Storage Annual 2012: More in Store is just in time to announce the opening of a new super store in the energy storage sector. It is a global super store reaching around the world. Worthy of a grand opening celebration, this new store offers more products at better price points, fulfilling crucial customer needs in both existing and new application segments. Many storage segments are well established, including automobile and laptop batteries.

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The central theme of More in Store is a broader array of storage products offering compelling economic value to new customers in both new and existing markets. Much like the period of rapid growth in the solar power sector, which expanded from an annual revenue pool of $8bn in 2004 to $42bn in 2009 (+40% CAGR), the Storage Store is driven by important transitions to stronger end-customer value propositions for many new storage products and segments. 

Now is the time to claim shelf space in the grand opening of the Storage Store. More in Store identifies nine Leaders, twenty-two Potential leaders and eight Watch-list companies. Find out who these companies are so that you can implement strategies to capture value on par with the industry’s leading players.


Michael Rogol | Mayank Agrawal | Chris Bolman | Alex Fraenkel | Nana Hori | Ravi Manghani | Gregory Phipps | Scott Willhaus


Key Benefits

  • Storage Annual 2012: More in Store will enable storage sector executives, investors and analysts to understand where the value is and how to capture it.
  • Explore how storage players can differentiate themselves from their competitors in a crowded market by understanding three key strategic implications detailed in this report.
  • Storage Annual 2012: More in Store provides a 5-year forecast for the storage sector focusing on key drivers and their impact on volume, price, revenue, cost, operating profit and operating profit margin.
  • This report delivers detailed analysis of the 2008-2016 period, covering:
    • The overall sector
    • 3 steps of the supply chain: Cell, module and system
    • 10 technologies
    • 11 application segments and products
    • 20 geographic markets and market segments
    • 400+ companies with nearly 40 companies profiled

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