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Solar Annual 2010

Part 1: Place Your Bets

Solar Annual 2010 – Part 1: Place Your Bets is a detailed report presenting scenario analysis of the solar power sector outlooks through 2014. Each scenario is based on different assumptions about key drivers of PV supply, demand, prices and costs, including policy, interest rates and technology evolution. . The report includes five data-driven scenarios for the PV sector through 2014 and discusses important, scenario-specific implications for case study companies at different steps of the solar value chain.

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Chris Bolman | Ryan Boas | Mark Farber | Martin Meyers | Christopher Porter | Michael Rogol | Jeff Stefanis | Joonki Song


Key content areas

  • Multiple data-driven sector outlooks and implications for companies at different steps of the solar supply chain
  • Scenario-specific projections for sector supply, installation demand, prices and costs
  • Estimates and a discussion of scenario-specific strategic implications for seven different case study solar companies

How can this report improve your strategy and profitability?

  • Presents alternate scenarios for the solar power sector through 2014 to help companies plan their future and improve their risk management
  • Provides solar companies with a framework for pricing and sector growth under a variety of potential future outcomes for the PV sector
  • Provides an integrated collection of current and five-year forward sector estimates and insights from PHOTON Consulting’s industry-leading research and strategy team

Source: PHOTON Consulting, LLC. Note: All data are rough estimates.


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