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Solar Annual 2010-2011

Cash In

PHOTON Consulting’s flagship report Solar Annual 2010-2011: Cash In is the definitive resource for anticipating and responding to the industry impact of a near-term cap on PV installations in Germany. This report presents ten core strategies for solar companies across the supply chain to pursue in order to address this imminent risk and best position themselves for a policy-driven demand downturn and the longer-term opportunities it will create.

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Chris Bolman | Ryan Boas | Mark Farber | Martin Meyers | Christopher Porter | Michael Rogol | Joonki Song | Phil Tracy | Rob Trangucci | Greg Zuboff


Key content areas

  • Discussion and projections of the timing and impact of German PV market saturation 
  • Presentation of ten core tactics companies should pursue in order to mitigate immediate crash-related risks and achieve long-term defensible growth
  • Analysis and estimates of the companies and markets poised to lead the sector's post-saturation return to growth
  • PHOTON Consulting’s watch list of the companies best positioned to capture market share when German saturation causes an industry price crash

How can this report improve your strategy and profitability? 

  • Provides solar companies with a framework to diligently manage their cash positions and implement strategies that will allow them to "cash in" on the longer-term opportunities created from the shut-off of the German PV market
  • Includes detailed, forward-looking discussion of trends, metrics and data points intended to help solar companies mitigate the risks of unchecked supply growth and drive sustainable value creation for their businesses 

Source: PHOTON Consulting, LLC. Note: All data are rough estimates.

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