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Solar Annual 2016

Fierce competition in local markets with both solar companies and traditional electricity companies

  •  Death for companies not prepared to fight for monopoly. Our previous report Hunger Games presented the five stages of evolution in new energy markets. The final stage “Fight for monopoly” leaves only one winner in local markets.
  • Fight for monopoly requires dominance at two cash registers. Players must be able to capture revenue from end-customers and secure massive investment capital from financiers to enable exponential expansion across geographic markets. 
  • Relationships enable winners. Lining up operating (first register) and financing (second register) cash flows requires close alignment between operating executives running end-customer sales and financiers providing capital.

The path to winning in solar power follows the historical path established by previous winners in energy.  Learn from history and apply the key lessons from historical leaders.

Solar Annual 2016: Rebirth is PHOTON Consulting’s industry-leading annual sector outlook. It is THE essential reference tool for solar decision makers. 

INCLUDES: Detailed projections through 2020 for:

  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Cost
  • Price 
  • Value capture

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Tyler Eldridge | Sriram Krishnan | Reinaldo Guttierez | Joe Lara | Martin Meyers | Aubrey Newberry | Michael Rogol | Danny Watson


  • Life and death battle across local energy markets
  • Many players falling from previously strong positions
  • Robust metrics, data points, analyses and strategies to survive and thrive
  • Strategic actions for executives and financiers to establish dominance
  • Company profiles of well-positioned Rebirth players that are successfully navigating the battlefield

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