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United States RPS Policies and Solar/DG Carve-Outs

PHOTON Consulting - Multi-Client Study

Market Sector: US Solar
Research View: Policy Reporting and Analysis

Study Objective/Methodology:

  • To review current relevant Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and solar/distributed generation (DG) carve-out policies at the state level within the United States, including analysis of RPS requirement phase-in requirements, alternative compliance payment penalties, and current renewable energy credit (REC) pricing
  • Within the most important states, provide utility-level analysis of likely PV capacity requirements among the largest utilities based on expected load growth and RPS requirements
  • To provide utility-level analysis and reporting on current utility progress towards meeting RPS requirements (based on latest available data)
  • To review and report on current status of announced PV installation projects within specific utility-service territories including project size, location, owner and expected completion date

Client Value

This study will establish:

  • States and utilities with the most significant upcoming PV capacity requirements
  • States and specific utilities with the largest gaps between upcoming requirements and current installed PV capacity
  • States attracting the most significant PV developer interest, and those where upcoming RPS requirements are not being matched by publicly disclosed PV project pipelines

This study will allow clients to:

  • Evaluate potential state and utility-level PV development opportunities within the United States
  • Identify potential areas of market opportunity where solar renewable energy credit (SREC) pricing is likely to support attractive PV developer/system host economics
  • Perform competitor/customer/partner analysis around where project developers and utilities have announced anticipated PV development, and the technologies, suppliers and pricing that has been reported through company and utility public announcements

Study led by: Chris Porter, PHOTON Consulting leader of demand analysis

Price of Study: US $12,000

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