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Solar Power Markets:

Prepare for Impact

Solar Power Markets: Prepare for Impact is the definitive guide to the current state and outlook of PV installation demand in 13 key global markets. Prepare for Impact also details PHOTON’s market-by-market methodology for evaluating the growth of global PV demand.
Prepare for Impact provides detailed and critical PV market information to help solar power companies develop diversified, defensible market strategies before the approaching market saturation.

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Chris Porter | Chris Bolman | Mark Farber | Maddie Liu | Martin Meyers | Matthew Plitch | Joshua Rogol | Michael Rogol | Joonki Song | Rob Trangucci | Nicole Zelkowitz


Key content areas
  • Methodology used to develop our outlook for installation volume and price by market/market segment by year
  • Stages of development in global PV installation demand from 2004 to 2013: from Takeoff to Turbulence to Rapid Ascent to Crash
  • Detailed profiles of 13 key global PV markets (Belgium, Bulgaria, California, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Rest of North America)
How can this report help you?
  • Provides detailed description of the history, current state and outlook of global PV installation demand
  • Guides you through the process of how to evaluate the growth potential of PV markets
  • Answers your questions regarding history and the outlook for installation volume, price, cost and returns for the 13 most important global PV markets

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