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Solar Power Markets

Eastern Sunrise

PHOTON Consulting’s 2011 downstream market study, Solar Power Markets: Eastern Sunrise profiles nine key Asia-Pacific markets for PV installation demand including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. This study provides the industry with a concise, actionable study on Asia-Pacific PV demand with the goal of providing forward-thinking solar companies with the market intelligence they need to further the continued globalization of solar energy.

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Chris Bolman | Andrew Grieve | Alex Fraenkel | Benjamin Merewitz | Matthew Plitch | Christopher Porter | Michael Shields | Greg Zuboff


Key content areas

  • Forward-looking analysis on market prices, volumes, analytics and other important metrics through 2015 
  • Detailed explanations of local renewable incentive schemes, market outlook sensitivities, key downstream market participants and strategic considerations for new market entrants 

How can this study improve your strategy and profitability? 

  • Provides solar companies with an in-depth assessment of the Asia-Pacific region’s current and future potential for PV installation growth
  • Enables solar decision makers to accurately identify opportunities and evaluate risks by understanding the competitive landscape and market-specific opportunities 

Source: PHOTON Consulting, LLC. Note: All data are rough estimates.

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