PHOTON Consulting

Solar analysis and consulting services

Recognized as the industry's elite team, PHOTON Consulting provides cutting-edge solar intelligence and analysis to some of the most highly regarded companies around the world by using the most extensive research, accurate data, and robust models.

Project consulting

PHOTON Consulting can provide tailored answers for your company’s specific needs.  Past engagements include studies on market entry, market segmentation, partnership evaluation, cost benchmarking, and pricing.  To inquire, please contact us.

Retainer services

Solar Monthly (SM)

Solar Monthly provides a review of key emerging issues facing the entire solar power sector, encompassing elements from all of our service offerings, providing full access to expertise of the PHOTON Consulting team at regular intervals. To inquire, please contact us.

Solar Demand Monthly (SDM)

Solar Demand Monthly delivers analysis and insight on every aspect of demand in the solar power sector, including pricing, volumes, policies, products and new projects in key existing and emerging solar markets around the globe. Going beyond reporting/aggregating industry data, Solar Demand Monthly distills the key trends and drivers impacting demand for solar power to provide decision makers with the data, insight and analysis to identify where, and at what price, solar modules and systems will be sold in the next quarter, the next year, and the next five years.  To inquire, please contact us.

Solar Cost Quarterly (SCQ)

Solar Cost Quarterly delivers ground-breaking cost benchmarking analysis and insight on the solar sector from silicon production through system installation. Solar Cost Quarterly is based on detailed outside-in analysis of over 90 public companies and 500+ private and multi divisional companies which is crosschecked by information on equipment and material orders and by direct feedback from solar companies. Solar Cost Quarterly tracks sector average, best practice and individual company cost performance over time, identifies cost leaders in each link of the solar supply chain and forecasts sector and company-level cost structures. To inquire, please contact us

Silicon Monthly (SiM)

Silicon Monthly provides comprehensive analysis and insight on key aspects of the global solar silicon sector including production, prices, costs and technology. Silicon Monthly actively tracks 175+ companies that produce or aspire to produce silicon and 250+ existing and potential silicon production lines. Silicon Monthly showcases insights in operating practices, costs and technology developments resulting from of regular discussions with hundreds of worldwide industry professionals and site visits with supply chain participants (silicon producers to module manufacturers). To inquire, please contact us.

Thin Film Quarterly (TQ)

Thin Film Quarterly provides deep analysis and insights that span across the business and technology aspects of the thin film sector.  The business and technology focus of Thin Film Quarterly provides an effective way for solar companies and institutional investors to stay abreast of this rapidly changing sector.  The service tracks production, capacity, cost, price, and operating profit for 200+ thin film module manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and material suppliers. To inquire, please contact us.

Speaking engagements

PHOTON Consulting accepts special requests to provide topic-specific content and lead detailed discussions for trade-shows and other targeted events such as client meetings and team trainings. To inquire, please contact us.

PHOTON Consulting is a regular contributor to PHOTON Conferences.  For more information on upcoming PHOTON Conference and Expos, please click more.