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Who's the BOS?

Identifying and capturing value

New developments in PV balance-of-system (BOS) technology, design and integration present significant opportunities for PV installers/developers, manufactures and other industry players to reduce costs, differentiate offerings, and capture value in PV BOS. 

PHOTON Consulting’s PV balance-of-system briefing, Who’s the BOS? Identifying and Capturing Value in PV BOS, presents a quantified look at BOS cost breakdowns, the impact from BOS optimization on levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and actionable opportunities to use BOS to improve profitability and reduce risk in the PV downstream. 

Please note that this balance-of-system briefing is only available in electronic format (either single user or enterprise license) and is accompanied by a video narration. Please note that for the single user license, the briefing is downloadable to one computer and cannot be printed.


Chris Bolman


Key content areas

  • A screening of PHOTON Consulting’s top 30 innovative “BOS companies to watch”
  • Key product and technology analysis on value proposition, value opportunity and associated risks derived from PHOTON Consulting's proprietary analysis and interviews with over 100 downstream solar companies, investors and customers
  • Actionable recommendations to improve project development economics, explore new integrated BOS design approaches and increase value capture in the PV downstream 

How can this briefing improve your strategy and profitability? 

  • Identifies three key focus areas for BOS optimization that will drive leadership and value creation in the PV downstream
  • Explains why and how non-module components of BOS will become an increasingly important source of value differentiation in the PV sector in the next few years
  • Demonstrates actionable LCOE reduction and product differentiation solutions for module manufacturers, installers/developers and BOS component companies 

Source: PHOTON Consulting, LLC. Note: All data are rough estimates.

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