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Photovoltaic major consumables data available in one place

Apr 17, 2012

BOSTON, MA – April 12, 2012 – Research shows that over 55% of solar module costs come from consumable materials, yet there has been no one source to help the sector understand the integrated impact of consumables supply and cost – until now. Today, after two years of research and analysis, PHOTON Consulting announces the release of an in-depth ‘Consumables’ database product, powered by PHOTON Consulting’s proprietary online data platform, The Wall.

"Solar module manufacturers, as well as consumable manufacturers, have been asking for this data for years," said Joonki Song, Senior Consultant at PHOTON Consulting. "Every day these market participants require reliable quantitative data and analysis to help drive cost down, increase volume, and decrease risk through product differentiation and new technology development. At PHOTON Consulting, we want to make it easier for our clients to understand where value is and how to capture value in this sector to enable PV consumables and equipment companies to strategically plan for mid-term and long-term development. Whether it's reducing cost to increase operating profit margins, developing a more informed view of the PV landscape now and five years forward-looking, comparing procurement prices for more competitive contracts or identifying low risk partnerships with key sector players, PHOTON Consulting logically presents this information in The Wall to best service our clients."

The new ‘Consumables’ section in The Wall provides wafer, cell and module manufacturers with deep analyses and defensible forecasts on mono- and multi-crystalline crucible, slurry based wire, diamond wire, micro-grit silicon carbide and recycled silicon carbide, isotrophic graphite, silver paste, aluminum paste, glass, encapsulants, backsheets and junction boxes.

PHOTON Consulting has conducted numerous surveys with executives from hundreds of major companies in the solar sector, incorporating qualitative feedback and publically-available data to construct a top-down and bottom-up PV consumables model that is highly predictive of industry trends. With PV consumables being a derivative of the solar supply chain, PHOTON Consulting’s expertise in the solar sector creates a platform for companies to comprehensively understand and quickly interpret how changes in the sector will impact PV consumables players.

With so much uncertainty in the marketplace, access to trusted third party validation is critical to ensure the sustainability and viability of companies in this difficult environment. The new ‘Consumables’ section in The Wall, along with other accompanying sections, will provide greater market visibility and clarity to help companies survive and thrive.

Additionally, PHOTON Consulting can provide further analyses and insights specific to each consumables component, as needed. Resources can be shared upon request or through specific project consulting engagements.

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