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PHOTON Consulting projects global PV installations will more than double in 2010, expects price crash by 2013

Oct 27, 2009

BOSTON--(Business Wire)—Companies at every step of the solar photovoltaic value chain must prepare for saturation in key markets by 2013, according to the latest research report Solar Annual 2009: Total Eclipse from PHOTON Consulting. While PHOTON’s near-term outlook for sector growth is very positive, PHOTON’s team of analysts, researchers and consultants believe saturation of a key large PV market within the next five years will drive a downturn for PV manufacturers more severe than anything the sector has faced to-date.  

Solar Annual 2009: Total Eclipse outlines specific defensible strategies available to companies to prepare for market saturation and highlights leading companies that are best positioned to succeed in an environment where one or more key PV markets ‘turn off.’ Solar Annual 2009: Total Eclipse also includes PHOTON Consulting’s acclaimed five-year sector forecasts, based on PHOTON’s screen of more than 1,500 key and emerging companies and a detailed review of the global PV supply chain, including company-by-company and market-by-market data and analysis of production, prices, costs, profit margins and installation volumes.

Ryan Boas, a co-author of Solar Annual concludes, “Solar Annual 2009: Total Eclipse provides a positive near term view of the sector combined with a critical warning: very rapid, profitable sector growth in 2010-2012 will likely lead to saturation in one or more key markets, with negative consequences for the sector as a whole and particularly for manufacturing companies that are unprepared.  Total Eclipse provides companies with the insights and supporting data needed to understand, prepare for and profit from the crash dynamics.”

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PHOTON Consulting is the largest dedicated solar energy research consultancy and is a leading supplier of in-depth research, management and strategic consulting services specific to the PV sector. With the deepest, broadest integrated coverage, PHOTON Consulting tracks the solar energy sector from feedstock to factory gate in every active and emerging market. PHOTON's solar consultants model company, geographic and industry projections from the outside-in, cross checking company announcements with providers and buyers. Our PV data consists of historical and five-year forward projections for price, volume, revenue, cost, operating profit, operating margin and demand for c-Si, UMG-Si and thin film technologies. With the most extensive research and data in the sector, PHOTON Consulting is the source for research and analysis in solar power.

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