PHOTON Consulting

What we do

PHOTON Consulting uses its comprehensive data and analysis to serve the global solar sector with acclaimed research reports, tailored project consulting, focused retainer services, and indices. 

Why we are the industry leader in solar research and information

The PHOTON Consulting team screens 1500+ solar sector companies and models 800+ PV related companies using fully integrated bottom up and top down analysis.  Our solar consultants study the sector from feedstock to factory gate in every active and emerging market.  PHOTON's solar consultants model company, geographic, and industry projections from the outside-in cross checking company announcements with providers and buyers. As the largest solar specific consultancy, our data consists of historical and 5-year forward projections for price, volume, revenue, cost, operating profit, operating margin and demand for c-Si, UMG-Si and thin film technologies.  With the most extensive research and most accurate data in the sector, PHOTON Consulting is the source for research and analysis in solar power.

Who we serve

  • Solar manufacturers
  • Silicon & chemical producers
  • Equipment vendors
  • New entrants
  • Global conglomerates
  • Electricity companies
  • Building & materials companies
  • Government agencies & regulators
  • Financial stakeholders

The team has worked closely with 100+ solar companies and multinational corporations to define and refine strategy, to implement tactical ‘best practices’ and to provide ongoing analysis of global events affecting the sector as they unfold.  PHOTON Consulting’s client roster includes solar manufacturers, silicon/chemical producers, equipment vendors, new entrants, global conglomerates, electricity companies, building & materials companies, government agencies & regulators and members of the financial sector.


PHOTON Consulting's team has a rich knowledge base.  The team includes MBAs and PhDs from top-tier academic institutions, former senior executives from publicly-listed solar companies and mainstream energy consultants from top global strategy consulting firms. Our deep domain expertise, broad horizontal experience in a range of functional disciplines and functional backgrounds in economic, financial, market and policy analysis gives us the inherent flexibility to service diverse and challenging client requirements. Coupled with the most extensive sector research, the most accurate data, and the most rigorous models available, PHOTON Consulting provides industry leading solar intelligence.